Baby Bottle Campaign

YOUR Supportmakes a difference!

This past year brought a lot of unexpected changes for everyone. Our lives have been impacted in countless ways by the realities of Covid-19.

We have had to do things differently, but one simple thing that hasn’t changed is showing love. It can change hearts and lives.

FCPS’s Baby Bottle Campaign is a great way to show love and join the fight for life!

Here are two easy ways to participate:

1) By filling one of our baby bottles with spare change.

2) By donating virtually. Just fill out the form below.

We offer the Baby Bottle Campaign on an ongoing basis. See who participates:

  • You and Your Family

  • Youth Groups

  • Church Groups

  • Mom or Dad Groups

  • Ladies Groups

  • Homeschool Groups

  • Pro-life Groups

  • Businesses

Pick your bottles up at our center, or call us to have them delivered. You can fill the bottles with spare change, cash, or checks.

This campaign helps save and change lives by providing life-affirming education, free pregnancy services for unplanned pregnancies, and outreach to the abortion vulnerable.

Your donation may save a baby from an abortion in progress as we help through the science and technology God has provided.

Get your Church/Community involved in serving together. A $250 investment saves a life. Please help us reach our $50k goal!

Thank YOU for joining us in the fight for LIFE!